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NEW NEW NEW: Please participate to the survey and national consultation about the Lebanese Higher Education sector conducted by Tempus HERE

Exchange and Training Sessions
The Tempus-HERE team is organizing a series of exchange/training/awareness raising among the different Lebanese Higher Education stakeholders. Those sessions are:
- Credit Systems - Learning Approach and Currency - on October 11, 2012.
- Writing Learning Outcomes on June 20, 2012.
- Organisation and Profile of Doctoral Studies, Thematic workshop, 11-12 March 2013.
- How to build an internal quality process on April 17, 2013
- Students services for a better learning environment on November 28, 2013
- Quality Reviewers:The Backbone of the Quality System on June 23, 2014

Leaftlets and Readers
- Bologna Process and Higher Education Reform in Europe - Inspiring Concepts
- Quality Assurance in Higher Education - Basic Concepts
- Conference of Arab Ministers responsible of Higher Education and Research, December 2009 (Paper1, Paper2)

Projects and Theses Supervision
- Co-supervision of a Masters Thesis "Internationalization in Lebanese Universities; Rationales, Strategies and Challenges," Ms. Madonna Maroun, under the supervision of Prof. Ulrich Teichler, Kassel University, Germany. You may donwload the abstract. Please contact Ms. Maroun for further details.

Bologna Experts Conferences
- "Cross-Border Education," Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Madrid, April 2013 (Reader)
- "Organisation and Profile of Doctoral Studies," Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, Kaslik, Lebanon, March 2013, (Reader)
- STUDY VISIT: "Student Support Services," King's College, London, January 2013, (Background Information)
- "Research-based Education: Strategy and Implementation," Eotvos Lorand University (ELTE), Budapest, November 2012, (Reader)
- STUDY VISIT: "University-Business Cooperation," Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Brussels, October 2012, (Background Information)
- "Putting Bucharest's Conclusions on Track: The Expert's Role," Vilniaus Universitetas, Vilnius, Lithuania, June 2012 (Reader)
- "Towards Equivalence of Higher Education Degrees between the Southern Mediterranean and the EU," University of Barcelona, Barcelona, November 2011 (Reader)
- "Enhancing Quality through Internationalisation," University of Lisbon, Lisbon, October 2011 (Reader)
- "Modernisation of Curricula," University of Oslo, Oslo, June 2011 (Reader)
- "Promoting Learning Mobility," Brussels, March 2011 (Reader)
- "Tempus Regional Seminar on University Governance in the Southern Mediterranean Region," Catania, Italy, March 2011 (National reports)
- "The Social Dimension of Higher Education: Building Excellence and Equity," University of Cyprus, Nicosia, November 2010 (Reader)
- "Recognition in Higher Education: How to make it work!" Tallinn University, Tallinn, June 2010 (Reader)
- "Competences for the Future," University of Warsow, October 2009 (Reader)
- "Quality Through Modernisation of Universities," University of Zagreb, Zagreb, June 2008 (Reader)

- "The Experience of a HERE Team: Learning Outcomes & Initiatives in Lebanon," Universidad Autonoma De Madrid, Madrid, April 2013
- "Salzburg Principles," Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, March 2013
- "2020 European Higher Education Perspectives: Inspiring the Modernization of the Lebanese Higher Education," National Information Day, 2012
- "How to Individualize Mass Teaching Programmes?" Bologna Experts Conference, University of Oslo, Oslo, June 2011
- "Research Activities in Lebanon and QA," Towards a Comprehensive System for Quality Assurance of Higher Education in Lebanon, April 2011
- "European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) - Training Session," National Information Day, 2011
- "The Bologna Process: Achievements and a Decade Ahead," National Information Day, 2011
- "Recognition in Higher Education in Lebanon," Bologna Experts Conference, Tallinn University, Tallinn, June 2010
- "Quality Assurance in Higher Education - Latest Development and Trends in Europe," Antonine University, Lebanon, March 2010
- "Bologna Process - Latest Development," National Information Day, 2010
- "JEP Preparation," National Information Day, 2009
- "Promoting Employability in Lebanese Higher Education," National Information Day, 2009
- "Lebanese Higher Education Modernization - Roundtable and Consultation," Beirut, June 2008 (Recommendations, presentations 1, 2, 3)
- "European Qualifications Framework and Recognition - ECTS," Tempus Project Faculty of Tourism, Lebanese University, March 2008

Support to Reform Activities at Ministry of Education and Higher Education
- Quality Assurance
- National Qualifications Framework
- Higher Education Modernisation