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Students Services for a Better Learning Environment

Based on the study visit by two HEREs to King’s College London in January 2013, on HERE action plan which pledges to address the students issues in Lebanon and the increasing awareness of QA in which students services and learning environment are among its main standards, the National Tempus Office and HERE have organized a seminar on the Students Support Services in Higher Education in collaboration with Beirut Arab University. This was also supported by the technical assistance provided by UNICA. The target groups of this thematic seminar are Deans of Students Affairs and/or staff from offices dealing with students services.

The seminar was opened with 3 interventions by the NTO, the Ministry represented by Dr. Ahmad Jammal, the DG HE, and the hosting university represented by its president Dr. Amr Galal El Adawi.
Stephanie Griffiths presented the state of play of Students Services at KCL. Cases from Lebanon were also presented covering the experiences of Beirut Arab University, the American University of Beirut, the University of Balamand and the Arab Open University. HERE presented an analytical reading of the survey conducted prior to the seminar.
A Tempus project MEDAWEL (530414-2012-JO-JPGR) on ‘Integrating a Holistic Approach to Student Services for Increased Student Wellbeing ‘ was also presented by one of the Lebanese project’s partners.
The seminar was concluded by a training session in which attendants were divided into 4 groups each addressing one of 3 themes prepared for this practical. The groups’ recommendations were announced and will, like all other documents of the seminar, be posted on the website.
The number of participants was: around 73 at the opening of the seminar, 58 during the activities and 35 remained at the closing session.
The event started at 9:00 and concluded at 16:30.
The NTO announced the next seminar on HR management.
The seminar was closed by Dr. Jammal and Mrs. Stephanie Griffiths.

Programme of the Seminar
Reader of the Seminar
List of Participants

Session Presentations
● Students’ Services at King’s College London, Stephanie Griffiths, Acting Head of Counselling, KCL
● The students’ services in BAU, Soubhi Abou Chahine, Dean of Students Affairs & Nadine Abla, Head of Student Activities, BAU
● Major findings from MEDAWEL Tempus project, Maha Baz, Students Services Office, MUBS
● Students’ services for better learning environment, Chafic Mokbel, Pierre Gedeon, Mazen El-Khatib, Tempus HERE
● AUB case, Hala Muhtasib, Chairperson, Enrollment Management Unit, AUB
● UOB case by Dr. Tony Gergess, Dean of students, UOB
● AOU case by Dr. Ahmad Fadlallah, Head of IT department, AOU
● Recommendations of Working Groups

This training seminar is supported by the European Union Tempus Programme, the Lebanese Directorate General of Higher Education and Beirut Arab University.